Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cell Phones in Phuket

Surprisingly there are a few good phuket deals on phones when traveling through this part of the world. the Main carrier there is DTAC and a pre-paid sim can be up and running for a few small dollars.

In terms of handsets there are many for sale, be careful though - as many of the phones sold in phuket and thailand are cheap copies.

Local sellers and markets will sell cheap copies of iphones, nokia n97's and other leading phones, they have no warranty and in many cases break easily or fail soon after purchase.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nokia 7510 Cell Phone Review

The name Supernova conjures up all sorts of images of intergalactic wonders and starry bodies which are associated with excitement - think of the buzz and the awe created by the real supernovas and comets as they approach our little planet on their way around the solar system.

We would expect, therefore that the Nokia 7510 Supernova would have the same effect on us when we opened the pack.

Instead - what stared us in the face was a little clam-shell phone which, when we started reading the specs, filled us with some disappointment. For some silly reason, we expect phones these days to work on 3G as standard. The Nokia 7510 Supernova does not offer that service. After our initial disappointment, believing in the abilities of the Nokia company to come up with 'the goods', we looked a little further at the offering.

The 7510 Supernova is an edge handset weighing in at 124g. Obviously more sturdy than we first thought with a sensible hinge, we noticed dual screens - monochrome on the outside for displaying caller info when the handset is closed at 128 x 160 pixels in size, and the primary LCD display (TFT with 16M colours) on the inside, sized at 240 x 320 pixels.

The handset features Xpress-On cover customisation options, a 2 megapixel camera with an LED flash, quad band compatibility and 256MB internal memory, which can be boosted up to 8GB by means of MicroSD cards. Stereo Bluetooth is also included, and the standard issue Lithium-ion battery will provide up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 300 hours on standby.

Priced at £159 (but can be found as cheaply as £135), the Supernova can be enhanced by optional add-ons in the form of two Bluetooth headsets (BH-503 at £64, and BH-304 at £45) and Speakerphone (HF-200 at £50). The usual other optionals are carrying case, additional lanyards, etc.

Once having overcome the idea of the lack of 3G, we took a closer look at what else the handset offers.

On GSM, it works on 850, 900, 1800 and 1900, with Vibration, downloadable polyphonic and MP3 ringtone alerts. Speakerphone can be attached by means of a 2.5mm audio jack. In terms of size, the Nokia 7510 Supernova weighs 124g, a little heavier than it's peers, but measuring a scant 92.5 x 46.4 x 16.7mm, this shows that the hinge is solid and will not fail easily.

At 27MB, the memory will hold 200 entries, plus photocall, and records up to 20 dialed, 20 received and 20 missed calls. By means of a microSD card slot, the memory can be increased to 8GB - a 512MB card is included with the handset on delivery.

This handset uses class 32, 88kbps for GPRS, does not support HSCSD, 3G or WLAN. It also does not have an infra red port. It does however have Class 32 (296 kb) Edge and v2.0 Bluetooth with A2DP and USB.

If it's high quality camera you are after - then this handset is probably not for you. At 2 megapixels, it is basic at best - images to max size 1600 x 1200 pixels are possible - but yes - this camera does have an LED flash. Video at QCIF - 15fps is possible, and it has no secondary camera.

For messaging, the Nokia 7510 Supernova supports the basics - SMS, MMS 1.3 (up to 600KB), Email and IM. It uses WAP browser 2.0/xHTML, HTML and boasts an FM radio, games and java at MIDP 2.0.

Colours available are Blue, Green, Brown, Graphite and Purple. Other features include a push-to-open mechanism, MP3/AAC/AAC+/eAAC/WMA player, MP4 player, T9 text input, voice command/dial/memo, and Nokia Maps for S40.

What we did like

We thought the Nokia Xpress-On covers were gone for good when they disappeared from the market some years ago - we were wrong - we are pleased to say - they're back on this new series of phones (7610, 7510, 7310 and 7210).

Stylish mobilephones are mostly best sellers but definitely not the best mobilephones. Best mobilephones should be usable, reliable and has a cheap mobilephone line rental cashback deal or a free Vodafone mobilephone contract offer - discounts are always better.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Mobile Phones Cell Phones

Depending on which part of the world you are in are they "mobile phones cell phones"?

Well in the Northern Hemisphere, and most certainly in the USA they are regarded as cell phones. However on the Southern Parts of the Globe they are commonly referred to as mobile phones.

Cellular telephone, sometimes called mobile telephone, is a type of short-wave analog or digital telecommunication in which a subscriber has a wireless connection from a mobile telephone to a relatively nearby transmitter. The transmitter's span of coverage is called a cell. Generally, cellular telephone service is available in urban areas and along major highways. As the cellular telephone user …

Pricing has really improved in the last decade, with handsets (both mobile phones cell phones) becoming much cheaper for users.

Initially with Nokia setting the standard for 'value for money' in their cell and mobile phones.

The latest craze is the Apple iPhone, which has sold so many units that international best selling cell phone records have been broken. (The previous most popular phone in terms of worldwide sales was the Motorola Razor)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

iPhone Shopping Deals

“Since launching our popular iPhone shopping deals on Apple and 3rd party Iphone apps in December, customers have been asking us to bring a similar experience to the BlackBerry, and we are thrilled to make it available to customers today," said Sam Hall, Director of Amazon Mobile. "In addition to their favorite Amazon shopping features, BlackBerry users can now access the Amazon Remembers feature for a fun and easy way to build a list of photographs showing products they want to remember for later, make price comparisons across multiple merchants, and purchase.”

Friday, March 20, 2009

Best Smart Phone

Best Smart Phone

Much has been made of the best smart phone on the market. What do you choose, cell phone and PDA choices include the Apple iPhone, the BlackBerry from RIM and the new Google Andriod phone. The decision when picking the best smart phone is a very tough one these days.

According to market research firm Gartner, worldwide sales of smartphones totaled 38.1 million units in the fourth quarter of 2008--a year-over-year increase of 3.7%--and accounted for 12% of all mobile phones sold in the period.

Globally the best smart phone according to sales for the year topped 139.3 million devices, up 13.9% over 2007.

“In general in 2008, the focus from vendors and operators on increasing their smartphone portfolios remained very strong. Samsung, RIM, HTC and Apple saw their volumes and share increase during 2008, thanks to their ability to offer compelling device experiences and touch interfaces.”

Friday, March 13, 2009

iPhone Apps and Appstore Strategy

Any of you that are familiar with what's going on in Apple's AppStore with the thousands of games available and the extremely competitive pricing problems might be intrigued to hear about a new strategy used by 5 independent iPhone game developers to try to raise awareness (and sales) of their games in the AppStore.

Majic Jungle Software, Veiled Games, Antair Games, IMS and Warhorse Games have gotten together to launch The 5 Fingers Games Bundle that includes 5 games, one from each developer, all for $5.

Per the press release, this is the first games bundle for the iPhone, but the real story here is the way in which it came about. Often for a games bundle, a publisher pulls together one or two good titles and pads them out with some weaker games, but this bundle includes the best selling game from each of five developers. The 5 games included in the bundle are:

* Chopper - Previously a #1 game on the App Store
* Up There - The most emotive game on the store
* Sneezies - An adorable puzzle game for all ages
* BurnBall - Addicting and high energy arcade action
* BlackBeards Assault - Puzzle adventure on the High Seas

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Samsung now largest cell phone and mobile vendor

Latest research and figures from company Strategy Analytics has shown that Samsung Electronics has now overtaken previous leader Motorola in the 3rd Qtr 2008, now positioned as the biggest mobile and cell phone vendor in the USA.

Samsung's wide range of devices in the cell phone lineup across multiple carriers, technologies and silos were apparently the reasons that have allowed them to leap to the top.

Korean players, Samsung and LG were both winners in terms of latest marketshare stats, giving them 22.4% and 20.5% each in the ball game.

Previous market leader Motorola (led by their impressive Motorola Razr Handset, positioned as the stand out leader since 2004, fell away to now only hold 21.1% from 32.7% only 12 months prior.

Nokia saw its market share drop in the USA to a lowly 8.4%.

The figures suggest overall mobile phone and cell handset sales in the United States went against the world wide forcasts of economic doom and gloom and grew 6.2% from a year ago to 47.4 million phones in the quarter.